Blockchain and Smart Contract Services

Blockchain Consulting

Delivering specialized guidance on adopting, strategizing, and implementing blockchain technology, we help businesses seamlessly integrate blockchain into their operations, enhancing transparency, efficiency, and innovation in their processes.

Blockchain & Crypto Services

Evola Labs provides advanced Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Services, delivering secure, transparent, and efficient solutions. Our experts specialize in creating decentralized applications, smart contracts, and digital wallets, driving your business forward in the digital currency era.

Custom Blockchain Development

Evola Labs offers Custom Blockchain Development services, crafting tailored blockchain solutions to meet your specific business needs. Our team specializes in developing secure, scalable, and efficient blockchain applications, enhancing transparency, traceability, and efficiency across various industries. Partner with us for innovative and reliable blockchain solutions.

Private Blockchain Solutions

Evola Labs provides Private Blockchain Solutions, creating secure and scalable blockchain networks tailored to your enterprise needs. Our solutions ensure enhanced privacy, control, and efficiency, enabling seamless transactions and data management within a closed network.

Smart Contract Development & Auditing

Evola Labs offers Smart Contract Development & Auditing services, ensuring your blockchain applications are secure and efficient. Our experts create robust smart contracts and conduct thorough audits to detect and resolve vulnerabilities, ensuring the integrity and reliability of your blockchain projects.

Dapps Development

Evola Labs focuses on Decentralized Application Development, creating secure, transparent, and efficient blockchain-based apps. Our seasoned team provides innovative solutions that elevate user experience while upholding data integrity and trust.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Developing ultra-secure digital wallets, we enable users to safely store, transfer, and manage diverse cryptocurrencies and tokens, simplifying transactions while prioritizing security and user convenience in the evolving digital currency landscape.

Token Bridge

Evola Labs' BSC Bridge links projects with the BSC community, enabling cross-chain transactions across multiple networks, enhancing adoption. Transactions incur fees: 0.05 ETH (ERC20 to BEP20) and 0.1 BNB (BEP20 to ERC20).

Staking Platform Development

Staking plays a crucial role in numerous projects, enabling holders to generate passive income from their investments while the development team progresses. Evola Labs offers a straightforward solution to fulfill your staking requirements efficiently.

Token Development & ICO (Initial Coin Offering) Services

Evola Labs specializes in Token Development & ICO Services, guiding you through the entire process from concept to launch. Our experts create custom tokens, develop smart contracts, and provide comprehensive support for successful ICO campaigns, helping you raise capital and drive project growth.

NFT Marketplace (Standard)

Evola Labs boosts your project with our NFT marketplace packages, featuring Metamask integration, NFT creation, requests, minting, fixed-price listings, and exploration. Elevate your NFT project to new heights with our expertise.

NFT Marketplace (Premium)

Evola Labs' premium NFT marketplace package includes advanced features such as admin NFT approval, royalties, collections, collection exploration, email sign-up, user verification, and login. Take your NFT project to the next level with our comprehensive solutions.

NFT Minting Development

Evola Labs specializes in NFT Minting Development, enabling the creation and issuance of unique digital assets. Our services include custom minting solutions, seamless integration with blockchain platforms, and secure transfer of NFTs, ensuring authenticity and value for your digital collectibles.

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Creation & Marketing

Evola Labs offers comprehensive NFT Creation & Marketing services, helping you design unique digital assets and promote them effectively. Our team ensures your NFTs are secure, verifiable, and attractive to collectors, using targeted marketing strategies to maximize visibility and sales.

NFT Licensing & Rights Management

We offers NFT Licensing & Rights Management services, ensuring your digital assets are protected and properly managed. We provide solutions for verifying ownership, tracking usage, and enforcing rights, helping you maximize the value and integrity of your NFTs.

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